Coming Up at the Museum

Preparations are continuing for our forthcoming exhibition at Breaking Convention, the mother of all psychedelics conferences, in London this summer.

We’re really pleased to have the loan of a dream machine coming from Dreamstate and hope to have this installed and running as part of the show.  This machine will be just one of the devices for changing consciousness we will have on display. We’ll also have on show a range of pipes and vaporizing technologies, from ancient to the very latest.

Cut-up process

Andy Romanoff, who was one of the original Hog Farmers, has generously donated some of his calling cards to the museum. These are from his incarnation as ‘Captain Gas’, the gas in question being a huge cylinder of nitrous oxide. Andy was first turned on to nitrous by Ken Kesey while sitting in the Hog Farm bus he lived on, parked in Joyce Mitchell’s driveway in Malibu. The rest, as they say, is history (to find out more check out the article by Andy and the reflections by his daughter).

The Psychedelic Museum now has four original calling cards. We plan to keep two for the museum and display these at our Breaking Convention show and to auction the other two, at Andy’s suggestion, to raise funds for the museum. Stay tuned to this blog and our Facebook page for details!

It’s a gas, gas, gas (gas)!

Our patron Dennis McKenna will be at Breaking Convention and will also be in Britain earlier in the year as chair of the Ethnopharmacalogic Search for Psychedelic Drugs conference. Check out the website and Facebook pages for the conference. if you can’t get there in person, there is the option of participating via a live cast.

Meanwhile my new book Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony has already garnered media interest from The Guardian through to podcasts such the suitably named Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole. The book is officially released on May 1st and contains, among other things, a discussion of ‘museum level’ and an imagined journey to The Psychedelic Museum. I’m hoping that the publicity around the book will help point people towards the museum project and encourage them to get involved.

Finally, we’re really grateful to those wonderful people who have supported our next pop-up exhibition via our crowd funding page, all those folks who have offered help on the day,  and people who are providing objects for us to share at the Breaking Convention show. 

Hope to see you at Breaking Convention, and thanks again for all your support!


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