The Psychedelic Museum exists to research, preserve, and share objects and stories from all expressions of psychedelic culture.

We will:

Collect, conserve and share the material traces of psychedelic culture.

Establish curated exhibitions in physical and virtual spaces.

To inspire, educate, entertain and inform people about psychedelic culture.

Some of our aims are:

  • To establish a not for profit organisation, open to the general public and to actively seek to promote and advertise its presence worldwide.
  • To develop a collection of objects relating to all aspects of  psychedelic drug culture.
  • To share these objects in ways that are informative, stimulating and engaging, and in ways that are accessible to as many audiences as possible.
  • To create and develop a comprehensive library resource, preserving the written, visual and oral histories of psychedelic culture.
  • To develop spaces where visitors can record and share their memories of experiences and/or involvement with psychedelic substances and culture.
  • To act as an information resource for researchers, students, academics and those interested in psychedelic culture.
  • To provide environments in which psychedelic culture related events, displays, talks, meetings and conferences can take place.
  • To raise money via grants, donations, crowd-funding, sales etc. with which to ensure the future survival and ongoing development of the museum.


Patron of The Psychedelic Museum

Dennis McKenna has generously agreed to become a Patron of the Psychedelic Museum! Dennis is a respected ethnopharmacologist, author, lecturer and all round great guy. He is Assistant Professor at the Center for Spirituality & Healing at the University of Minnesota.


Project Directors

andy-roberts  Andy Roberts – Andy is an historian of Britain’s LSD psychedelic culture and author of Albion Dreaming: A Social History of LSD in Britain (Marshall Cavendish 2008, 2012).

robert-dickins-photo-by-andy-roberts Robert Dickins is a historian, writer and editor. He is the founder of the Psychedelic Press, co-director of the Psychedelic Museum, and is currently undertaking his PhD at Queen Mary, University of London. His research interests focus on the history and literature of psychedelic substances, and the role of writing in spiritual and magical traditions during the 19th century. He is also the author of the novel ‘Erin’, and has occasionally been known to perform a poem or two.

me-psychedelic  Julian Vayne – Julian is an Associate of the Museums Association and heritage sector engagement consultant. He is the author of a number of books and academic papers on the subject of psychedelics. Julian is a noted contributor to contemporary esoteric literature and publishes online at

20161027_151618-01  Nikki Wyrd – As a member of the Executive Committee of Breaking Convention, and copy-editor for Psypress Journal, Nikki has spent many years engaged with empowering the process of education regarding psychedelics and their place in our worlds, past present and future.

az  AZ is a lover of all things psychedelic and a firm believer in the infinite possibilities of the manifestations of the mind.




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